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14.8.2015 - Cecilia (BH girl available) a Cyrano (TR boy available) 6 weeks old - Givenchy Moravia Eden x Turretbank Triberry. More pics...



4.7.2015 - We have puppies!!! one BH girl, one TR boy - Givenchy Moravia Eden x Turretbank Triberry



20.12.2013 - Bwindi went to her new home… We wish her all the best in her new home and looking forward to see photos.


27.11.2013 - Belize went to her new beautifull home - Bwindi has new owners too.


10.11.2013 - Puppies are 7 weeks old. There are new photos in puppies section... - still available.


6.11.2013 - Puppies visited vet. They are vaccinated and have identification chip. Their health is excellent - scissors bite, they do not have any type of hernia. More info in certificate.


28.10.2013 - Bwindi (for sale) a Belize (for sale) - five weeks old



23.10.2013 - Litter B - Our two lovely girls are one month old - Bwindi (for sale) a Belize (for sale)



21.10.2013 - Jamaica, mother of litter B puppies passed DNA tests CC/DE/EFS - result clear. Father of the litter B „Happy“ - Royal Times Darlington passed MDV with result clear.


Congratulations to „Adi“ - Addis Ababa Valachian beauty. She won a her class again in Poland.  Looks like that she will be champion soon...


Our second girl - „Žiži“ - Givenchy passed DNA tests CC/DE/EFS - result clear.


25.9.2013 - Litter B - our puppies are 3 days old.



22.9.2013 - We have puppies - two girls and one boy.

                     Jamaica z Vrchu Králů X  Royal Times Darlington


21.9.2013 - GIVENCHY Moravia Eden - E1 CAC, club show in Kutná Hora.


2.9.2013 - our dogs from Litter A are one year old!

                  Congratulation to ADI and her owner Ula Przygodzka:

                  1.09.2013 Przemyśl . ADDIS ABABA Excelent 1. 


20.7.2013 - Jamaica z Vrchu Králů X  Royal Times Darlington




27.4.2013 - Žiži - Club show Viničné SK - Excelent 3



20.2.2013 - JAMAICA’s birthday—she is four years old.


2.1.2013 - „Žiži“ - Givenchy Moravia Eden - is one year old.


30.11.2012 - All puppies are in their new homes. We have visited Amidala in her home (Amidala, Zizi and Jamaica).



30.10.2012 ADDIS ABABA went to her new home in Poland on Sunday. All other puppies are booked.


22.10.2012 our puppies are 7 weeks old - new photos



10.10.2012 - our puppies are 5 weeks old - new photos




2.9.2012 - Jamaica has puppies - three girls and one boy!!!



3.8.2012 - Sono is positive. We have selected a stud dog for Jamaica „Rico“ - Ch. French Lover de Castel Peyrac.

Hopefully, everything will be OK and we will have pupies at the beginning of September.


!!! We have a new lady - Gigi - Givenchy Moravia Eden.



24.12.2011   There are new pictures in Photogallery